Guide Ghost Win 7 64bit Full Driver – Lathử nghiệm 2021, Ghost Win 7 is considered the shortest way khổng lồ help you reinstall your Windows 7 operating system. Before, Users are required lớn install Windows 7 with CD và DVD. But now with Ghost win 7, you can save a lot of time và have a lot of other useful software. In this article. will introduce to you “Guide to lớn Ghost Win 7 64bit Full Driver – Latest 2020” . Follow along!
Guide Ghost Win 7 64bit Full Driver – Lachạy thử 2021

Learn about Ghost Win 7?

First. We need lớn understvà that. Ghost Win is a way khổng lồ install or rephối, restore the Windows computer system to lớn the original state you want. If you use any version of Ghost Win, after Ghost is done, you will use that Windows operating system.

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So. Ghost Win 7 is a compressed version, also known as a backup of the Windows 7 operating system that we created earlier. Using Ghost Win 7 is a way to reinstall a computer using Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

With this Ghost, you can customize yourself with different versions of Ghost depending on the purpose and configuration of your computer.

When vì chưng you need Ghost Win?

Users need lớn use ghost win when your computer has been seriously attacked by a virus or when you are not satisfied with new computer updates. Or simply want to improve the speed of the computer when the computer is often frozen and slow.

Ghost win will have sầu a faster tốc độ, save more time than reinstalling windows, creating your own ghost, because these ghosts bring user personality và are also suitable for your computer. that person. And especially use more stable.


Advantages và disadvantages of Ghost win 7


One comtháng point for Ghost Win 7 or Win 8, 10, Ghost Win XPhường. SP3 32bit or 64 bit versions is very easy to lớn use.Fast installation timeHuge amount of options, including many different versions from trang chủ, Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate…Compatible with many different machine configurations from weak lớn strongNo need to lớn install additional software or troublesome drivers (for the driver self-recognized version)


The security is not high, not safe for the business environment, agency or company.Easily modify, personalize, interfere with the systemEasily attach to lớn viruses, trojans … khổng lồ steal user information.

Therefore, every time you use Ghost win, you need to find a reputable and chất lượng Ghost version khổng lồ avoid arising risks.

Although this is the recommended configuration. But you still need a little nâng cấp to use other tools & games when installing on Windows 7 operating system.

CPU – CPU 1GHz or higherRam capathành phố 1Gb or more, preferably 2-4GbHard drive sầu has 20Gb or more, should leave 40Gb freeUse a graphics card that supports DirectX 9 or higher


This Ghost is created from the original Microsoft Windows 7. It won’t optimize for storage, so it’s a bit heavy.Before downloading this ghost win 7. You must first download Wandriver to lớn your device. Because the Ghost version will not add the driver automatically available when unpacking.In the process of using Autodriver. You should uncheck the Sound item, because in fact some laptops when using Wandriver receive the wrong driver, the sound will sometimes not. This is why you shouldn’t add the driver automatically at Ghost extraction time. You should download the Audio Driver directly from the homepage of your Laptop or PC Case.

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Link lớn download Ghost windows 7 Full Drive

Guide Ghost win 7 Full Driver with Onekey Ghost

Step 1 : Download và install OneKey Ghost on your computer, download Onekey Ghost

Step 2 : After waiting a few seconds, the program will danh mục information about the drive sầu & the Ghost files you have sầu previously saved in the hard drive.

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Step 3 : If you have not saved any Ghost tệp tin on your machine, you proceed lớn create a Ghost tệp tin, always in case the operating system fails by .

– Check BackUp , then choose the path khổng lồ save sầu the Ghost File, then cliông xã Yes khổng lồ make the program backup for you.

Step 4 : When there is a message, click  Yes khổng lồ start the computer và the backup process will take place.

– If your computer already has the Ghost file saved, leave sầu Ghost on your computer & go baông chồng to lớn Step 2 . Here you select Restore then select the Ghost File saved in the computer & select the partition khổng lồ restore, then click Yes . The program will automatically restore the operating system for you in a short period of time.

– After Cliông chồng Yes, the program will automatically Ghost your computer bachồng to you on drive sầu C: You just have to wait for a short time to lớn get the results.

The next thing is to lớn wait for the software to lớn finish running.


Such is. With just a few simple steps, you can successfully Ghost Win7 lớn your PC, Laptop already. Using Onekey software helps Ghost win 7 simple and fast. Thus it will save sầu a lot of time và effort compared to installing the operating system.

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