Nâng cấp flash player cho chrome

Having been around since 1996, Adobe Flash Player has played a crucial role in the evolution of the website. For the longest time, before HTML5 became truly widespread, it was the only effective way khổng lồ run multitruyền thông media content online, including video clip, games, applications, audio, and more.

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Today, the era of Adobe Flash Player is coming to lớn an over. While the Flash Player 2020 is still supported, Adobe announced baông chồng in 2017 that 20đôi mươi would be the last year of tư vấn for the software. Accordingly, all major browsers, from Safari khổng lồ Firefox & Chrome, replaced most of Flash Player’s functionality with compatible HTML5 features. What’s more, Microsoft said it would completely remove sầu Flash from its browsers at the kết thúc of 2020.

Avoid Flash Player malware

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So why has the internet, which benefited so much from everything that Flash had khổng lồ offer, suddenly turned against it? In a word, it had a lot lớn vì chưng with security issues and the closed ecosystem of Adobe.

Why Is Adobe Flash Player Going Away?

In his 2010 letter, Thoughts on Flash, Steve sầu Jobs outlined his reasons for Apple’s iOS devices not supporting the Flash standard, which arguably greatly accelerated its downfall. Jobs cited poor performance on mobile devices, frequent crashes, high battery consumption, & availability of better open standards (i.e. HTML5) that are able lớn completely replace Flash.

In reality, security vulnerabilities have sầu plagued Adobe Flash Player throughout its life, và it has been widely reported to lớn be the primary target for hackers trying to lớn exploit those vulnerabilities, which companies producing browsers & operating systems couldn’t fix due lớn the proprietary nature of Flash.

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Having said that, there are still quite a few reasons for why you might want lớn use Adobe Flash Player. For example, it could still be the only way some legacy truyền thông nội dung on the web (e.g. videos, games) is going khổng lồ play on your Mac. So let’s look at how khổng lồ enable Adobe Flash Player in Chrome.

Now, every time you visit a trang web that contains something for Flash Player Chrome will ask your permission to play it instead of blocking it. But your settings will only work until you quit Google Chrome. So don’t forget lớn come baông xã và remix it after.

In case you’re having problems with the Chrome Flash Player, updating Google Chrome could help:

xuất hiện Chrome & cliông chồng on the thực đơn button in the top-right corner

Clichồng Update Google Chrome, if available. Otherwise, you’re currently on the lathử nghiệm version.

Alternatively, visit google.com/chrome and download the lademo version of Chrome from there


Note: This commvà will stop the general Google Software Update script from working, so none of your Google apps (e.g. Google Drive for Mac) will automatically receive sầu updates.

To unbởi the change and let the Chrome browser update itself again:

Launch Terminal

Type defaults write com.google.Keystone.Agent checkInterval 10000

Press Enter

Quit Terminal and restart Google Chrome


Alternatively, you can simply reinstall your Chrome Flash Player altogether:

Visit get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions

Pichồng your OS from the dropdown

Select PPAPI as a version

Click Download Flash Player

Find và install the Adobe Flash Player for Chrome in your Downloads folder


How khổng lồ recover deleted files on Mac

After you learn how lớn enable Flash on Chrome, you should at least try to prepare for all eventualities. One of which is a possibility of losing some of your files to malware produced by the Adobe Flash Chrome plugin. How do you get those files back?

Disk Drill is a top-notch ứng dụng for recovering any recently deleted tệp tin from your hard drive. It works for unintentionally removed files just as well as for disk utility errors or data corruption, both on your hard drive sầu or any external devices connected to your Mac. Moreover, it features a handy backup functionality (a good habit khổng lồ have) so you can save your files somewhere safe frequently with 100% recovery rate.

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To use Disk Drill:

Launch the app

Connect your external drive or pichồng the internal driver from the danh sách và click Recover

Wait for the scan lớn finish and select the files you want lớn get back


So if you need to lớn use Flash today, having an Adobe Flash Player Chrome plugin is probably your best bet. Just make sure to stop your Google Chrome from updating to lớn keep using Flash past 2020 & install a malware removal app lượt thích CleanMyMac X & a data recovery software like Disk Drill beforeh&, just in case.

Best of all, CleanMyMac X và Disk Drill are available lớn you absolutely không tính tiền for seven days via Setứng dụng, a platkhung with more than 200 Mac apps for any situation, from bill payments (Chronicle) khổng lồ extracting files (Archiver) to lớn keeping contacts in one place (BusyContacts). Try them all today at no cost & see for yourself!