Mã game age of empires 2

Age of Empires II comes with some classic cheat codes that are ingrained in our comtháng memory. But how bởi you turn them on?

Resource Cheat Codes

robin hood10000 gold
cheese steak jimmy’s10000 food
lumberjack10000 wood
rock on10000 stone
rowshep100000 of every resource
ninjalui100000 of every resource
ninjaconnor100000 of every resource
The “cheese steak jimmy’s” cheat is aptly named after a restaurant near Ensemble Studquả táo where the crew used to go for lunch a lot.“Robin Hood” is named after the legendary archer from the 1300’s. He stole from the rich to lớn give sầu to lớn the poor. His existence is still highly debated.

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Unit Cheat Codes

Probably the most fun Age of Empires II Cheat Codes to lớn play around with!

how do you turn this onCobra Car
to smithereensSaboteur
furious the monkey boyFurious the Monkey Boy
i love the monkey headVMDL
i don’t existPenguin
alpaca simulatorAlfred the Alpaca
photon manPhoton Man
Cobra Car is modeled after a Shelby Cobra. One of the original artists really liked this oto.VMDL is named after “Villager Male Dave sầu Lewis”. In the original game he was a low-res naked villager, which allegedly is based on a true story from an office tiệc nhỏ at Ensemble Studios.Alfred the Alpaca is named after the first mascot of the official Age of Empires community team.Photon Man was an original Age of Empires I cheat code that was made available during the “Age of Empires Anniversary event” in February 2020. The unit is still available in the Scenario Editor.

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Sharkatzor came lớn life after one of the Forgotten Empires artists needed a mental break after creating the architecture sets for the Ethiopians và Malians.

Various Cheats

aegisInstant building & resource gathering
marcoReveal the map
poloRemove sầu the Fog of War
i r winnerWin the game
torpedo#Destroy player #
wimpywimpywimpyDestroy yourself
black deathDestroy all opponents
natural wondersControl nature
woof woofReplaces all birds by Stormy Dogs
Since Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, “aegis” now also makes your farmers gather faster.Stormy Dog is a tribute khổng lồ a puppy saved from a storm drain by original Age of Empires developer, Matt Pritchard. The cheat code was implemented in the last four hours of development time for the original Age of Empires II.

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Event Cheats

The following cheats are event-exclusive sầu unlockables.

tech tech one two freeAll technologies are freeUnlocked during “Medieval Technology Event”
going above sầu và beyondAll technologies can be researched 256 timesUnlocked during “Medieval Technology Event”