Friday the 13th: the game on steam

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a game by IllFonic LLC
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.9/10 - 14 votes
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If you want a fun multiplayer experience, Friday the 13th The trò chơi is for you. If you have sầu even the slightest interest in this franchise, you will get a real kichồng out of this game. Even if you vày not, Friday the 13th The Game is still a fun and exciting time & a game that you and your buddies will really love to play together.


The idea of the game is that up khổng lồ eight people can play at a time. One person gets lớn play as Jason and the others play as camp counselors looking to bởi vì all they can lớn survive. The game randomly picks who gets to play as Jason which is good as it saves arguments.


If you are playing as a counselor, you want to lớn survive & escape the camp. If you are playing as Jason, you simply want lớn kill everybody. It is a simple premise, but one that is so very fun.

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Two Ways To Play

The thing about Friday the 13th The Game is that playing as a camp counselor và Jason are two very different experiences. Playing as a camp counselor you need to vì tasks khổng lồ make it easier for you to lớn escape. This can range from calling the cops, lớn powering up a generator. Completing tasks is, of course, easier if you guys are working together. You vì chưng have sầu some weapons that you can use in order to lớn stun Jason so you can run away.It is worth noting that different councilors have sầu different abilities so that is something to keep in mind. Also, if you play it right, one player can play as Tommy who is the only character that can actually kill Jason. Killing Jason requires a lot of work, but it is so awesome if you can vị it… I have sầu never actually managed it!Playing as Jason is, of course, the real draw of the game. He is a supernatural menace & you can stalk your victims in many ways. Making people freak out when you are playing as Jason is just as much fun as killing them & killing them can be brutal in this game.

Welcome To Camp

As I write this there are five sầu maps in the game. Each one of the maps is based on a particular Friday the 13th movie so if you are a fan of the series that is really awesome. Also, the councilors và Jason himself will differ which is cool. They actually went all out with Jason in this game và being able lớn play as him as he looks in different movies is really great.

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The game is not the best looking or anything lượt thích that và it is very dark (for good reason too). But I feel that the people behind this game really did nail the aesthetic of the series so while it may be a little rough around the edges, I vị like the way that the game looks.

Friday the 13th The trò chơi is a game that I have spent many hours with (mainly on PS4) & I always have a great time. I will say that it is better if you are playing with people that you can talk to lớn & hopefully that fully single-player mode will actually come out. Still, if multiplayer games are your thing this is well worth checking out.



Captures the atmosphere of the movies very wellMultiple designs of Jason to play asFeatures different camps from the moviesYou have to lớn play as a team to lớn escapeJason shows no mercy in this game at all!


Still no in-depth single player modeIt is a little rough around the edges as far as graphics go