The largest and most popular overhaul for Diablo II Lord of Destruction. An enhanced experience also compatible with the lakiểm tra D2 patch.

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This full version has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommkết thúc you browse the tệp tin danh sách for the lachạy thử full version.


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After one & a half years, the final ultimative sầu patch before Median XL: Sigma series comes out. Several fixes, new items và skills are the main features of this patch.

Full Changelog:




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Is anyone else having an issue with the skill tree text? Under the Paladin, the unselected tables don"t have names but "00000" instead. The names come up only when selected. Maybe this is just a rare bug for me but I thought I"d better mention it. Enjoying this update, regardless!

Downgrade to 1.13, should be files on the median xl official site for that(kiểm tra posts on the forums), plus u can find the 1.13 installer on the website.

Having trouble looting Character Orbs from Den of Evil, started 7 different times and none of them got it. và redownloaded 4 time. any help?

That"s ok, character orbs have been removed. From the changelog: "Character Orb: removed due to clunky mechanics, being unintuitive sầu and having broken stat scaling".

the tải về stops 4mb before completion và says that file is corrupted. In fact this occurs every time I try khổng lồ tải về any mod off of this site. Please if anyone knows the solution to lớn this problem or can in any other way help me to obtain the file it would be very appreciated.

when i try to lớn run lodpatch113 it says that i have sầu a better version và i don"t need this patch. what should i do?

You need the 1.13c patch to lớn correctly run the mod, if you have sầu the 1.14 patch look at this guide:

There"s a possibility you"ve sầu made something wrong during the installation process, take a look at this guide:

at 1.13 i didn"t have any problems but after this 1.14 patch the skill descriptions are empty và at skill bar skill names doesnt show how to lớn fix ?

you should downgrade from 1.14 to 1.13c, here"s a guide from the MedianXL forum:

Hi, I"m trying to lớn install the thủ thuật, but when I try khổng lồ change the patch khổng lồ 1.13c it works, but then gives me an error message. And then, impossible lớn open the game again. I can play offline when I let the 1.14b patch though. Do you have an idea of what khổng lồ do?

you should downgrade from 1.14 lớn 1.13c, here"s a guide from the MedianXL forum: Forum.median-xl.complus, to lớn install it correctly look at this other guide too:

i"m using 1.13d but plugy doesnt work.i want to lớn make shared stash but plugy dont work.please i need a solution.

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You should use version 1.13c, not 1.13d or later ones. Anyway keep in mind that plugy isn"t 100% compatible with this hack, even with the right D2 patch errors may still occur

Nohhh... mano,muikhổng lồ bom,serio cara. PARABENS :)Ta muikhổng lồ Cabuloso esse mod!!!Muito lớn bom,melhor q o anterior.

Hey , may i ask why i have only 1 page in Storage ? Did i installed something wrong ? If yes how lớn fix it ?